Getting to San Miguel de Allende

Arrival by Air

San Miguel de Allende is served by 2 local airports, Leon (BJX) and Queretaro (QRO), each about an hour away.

These airports feature daily direct flights by Aeromexico, Mexicana, United, Delta, and American Airlines with daily direct flights from Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Los Angeles.

Mexico City is also an option, and is ia 3.5 hour drive or bus ride. There is a bus station conveniently located within the airport, which makes transfers relatively simple. I prefer a private driver, though, and have included links to my favorites below. 

Whatever you do, please do NOT rent a car and if you can help it, don’t drive in. San Miguel has serious traffic and parking challenges and it makes us all wince when you tell us you are renting a car. There is just no parking and it is a great way to ruin your vacaction. 

If you are moving, just know there are lots and lots of taxis, buses and walkable neighborhoods. If you still must bring a car, I strongly urge just one per family. 

Airport Transfer

Don’t even think of renting a car. The best way to arrive and depart San Miguel de Allende is by private driver. San Miguel Tours offers the very best, safest way airport transfer service.

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Arrival by Car

Guadalajara – 223 Miles.
León– 95 Miles.
México D.F. – 171 Miles.
Morelia– 112 Miles.
Querétaro– 39 Miles.
San Luis Potosí – 100 Miles.
Laredo, Texas – 578 Miles

 See you soon in Magical San Miguel de Allende!